Lincoln Microfibre Spring Pillow


The Lincoln Microfibre Spring Pillow is innovated with the pocketed coil technology as it is embedded with over 45 individual pocket springs. This complements the pillow with superb bounciness and instant adaptability to even your slightest movement. Its unique spring arrangements also blend well with its rich microfibre fill, allowing the pillow to present a bouncier centre and firmer sides, so you may switch preferences at any time. Besides, the pillow is gusseted with 3D mesh fabric which promotes good air ventilation and heat dispersion to keep you cool throughout the night. The pillow is also exceptionally durable, allowing you to enjoy long-lasting comfort for many nights to come.

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Size L 72cm x H 47cm
Material Casing: Cotton + Polyester Knit
Filling: Microfibre + Coil Spring



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