HOOGA Moments

Hygge Takes on Health & Wellbeing

Embracing a hoogalic lifestyle is more than just having a beautifully-decorated home that creates the best scene as you enjoy drinking warm, soothing beverages with the people you love over a long conversation as the constant comfort you get will unveil a few benefits on health that give you much more reasons to have it around at all times.

Calms Your Mind

Your endless to-do list always rushes you from one place to another that somewhere in the line, you tend to forget to take a little break and give yourself some love. But having a place with a comforting and soothing ambience is a treat to any day as it calms your mind with happy thoughts. Be it from the heavenly scent of home fragrances which remind you that you are finally home or the running bath that calls you for a quick dip. To get you ready for another day of running, do a quick tour through our list of products that will help to get you started with a clear and positive mindset.

Improves Sleep

The reasons why some of us have troubles to sleep at night are because of the pressing thoughts that we have or the uncomfortable sleeping environment that keep us away from a good rest. However, with the daily dose of cosy moments, you will find yourself catching some good sleep as it lets you unwind before going to bed. For this, simply layer up your space with a warm blanket, cushions and add in a throw to create a cocoon of relaxation that will slip you into a relaxing mood just before you sleep. Have any particular bedroom look you want?


Reduces Stress

Besides creating an inviting space to return to, hygge is also about spending some quality time with the people around you and even by yourself. Be it by chattering around the dinner table or some me time as you enjoy your favourite book that let you live a more carefree life as you make time for things that matter. By doing so, you will find yourself in a much more relaxed state as you learn to focus on things that are in front of you instead of worrying about things that are yet to happen – like a task that is due tomorrow. So for now, let’s shop around as you might find things you never knew you needed.

Regulates Weight

While this seems too good to be true but hygge is about savouring each of our favourite food and drinks in an inviting ambience where it teaches us to carefully choose our meal and enjoy it at a much slower pace as we hone in on the flavours instead of how much calories we have indulged in. By paying more attention to mealtimes, there will no longer be mindless snacking while doing work as you would prefer to have a proper meal with friends over lunch. To set a beautiful table is to have beautiful sets, so make a quick visit to our list of products and make them yours.


Reduces Fatigue

The back-to-back work can tire you out and people normally opt for a dip into the cosy bed to rejuvenate themselves after the long day. But this can truly make you feel disconnected from the world as you eagerly wait for the weekend. So, instead of going straight to the bedroom, try lighting a few candles by the running bath for this magical mix will instantly reduce your fatigue from the day. This will give you more time of the day to enjoy doing things you love instead of living your life only in the last 2 days of the week.