Hooga's Journal

After-Hour Enchantment – Tipsy Series

Celebrate slower moments with our new collection, Tipsy Series-permeating whiffs of anticipation for the after-hours, composing excitement in subtle moments.

Presenting a lineup of 6 scents, tingle eagerness as you ease into enchantment; be it an evening with guests or well-deserved me time, we promise you a soulful scentscape of sophistication.

Evoke tranquillity in relishing memories of a warm summer’s day as addictive as A Classic Mojito, yearning for a replay of yesteryear; fondly reminded of calming memories as refreshing as a Virgin Sangria; etching a gleeful grin as you lounge the night away on a trip to memory lane.

Anticipate the arrival of yet another adventure as rousing as a Yellow Jacket Sour; with tastes of unassuming flavours savoured in a Tropical Slushie served during a breezy midday getaway, as you gaze in awe at the splendour of the view. Live the moment, they say; for it was never here to stay.

Enchant yourself with the elevated classics of a convivial moment of a Blushing Spritz exuding floral elegance, imbued with the citrusy essence of an Agave Sunrise Punch. Are you ready for a paradisiacal moment of inspiration?

Indulge in captivating aromas of slower moments in-store.