Beyond Plates and Bowls

Enhancing every meal with our Layla, Fenja and Milly collection

Contemporary dinnerware adds significance to every serve and make all meals tastier. Dinnerware transcends more than just mere utility, it is an important element that helps shape the dining experience. Whether it be a casual family dinner, birthday party, or formal gathering, the choice of dinnerware plays a pivotal role in setting the tone and creating memorable moments.

Choosing dinnerware involves more factors than just appearance. The materials do matter, whether it be classic porcelain, durable stoneware, or eco-friendly melamine. Design is another crucial aspect, where conventional white dinnerware radiates classic elegance, while bold colour and vivid patterns can provide a touch of one’s personality to the meal. There is so much variety of options available that one can show their distinctive style with the dinnerware they choose, whether it be matching sets or eclectic mixes. Not to mention that functionality and sustainability are of the utmost importance. It should be practical for serving and easy to handle while being sustainable for the long run, making life simpler.

Special occasions may call for a special type of dinnerware in terms of sizes and shapes, ranging from a dinner plate, pasta bowl, sauce bowl, to salad plate. This adds versatility to a dinnerware collection, thus accommodating varied culinary creations. Here, we got you covered. Check out our Layla, Fenja and Milly dinnerware collections.

Consider opting for our Layla Dinnerware collection, crafted in immaculate snow white with its distinctive black edging, which exudes a hint of luxury. Furthermore, this collection symbolises love and memories, as the name ‘Layla” depicts. It carries a touch of nostalgia, evoking timeless love-filled memories that are engraved in the heart, making it perfect for intimate gatherings.

Our Fenja collection is also to be admired – painted with the cosy hue of “Chambray Dream” and weaved with a treasure trove for memories where laughter and whispers find solace. This collection is ideal for social and solitude settings, whether it be a family reunion, a second date, a group of old friends, or an everyday dinner with a partner. The Fenja collection embodied peace and safety thanks to its warm texture and tone.

Never forget our Milly collection. The Milly Camel and Sand features sprinkles of black droplets on a white surface to resemble sand and is complimented by a delicate camel tone brushed across the side of the dinnerware. It is the perfect option for serving food dishes with a hint of exquisiteness because of its simple yet delicate design. As it inspires a sense of tranquility, it is suitable to be used in any setting.

By embracing simplicity in design, it allows the focus to shift to the joy of shared meals with your loved ones. After all, that’s what our slogan is, “simple pleasures everyday”. Our dinnerware may look plain and simple, but it is carefully made with attention to detail, which aims to spark happiness and ease in our day-to-day lives.