Baron Mattress Topper


The Baron Mattress Topper serves as an additional layer of cushioning on top of your mattress. Filled with down-like fibres, it offers extra softness and loftiness for better sleep comfort especially for firmer beds. The mattress topper also provides other benefits such as pressure alleviation and breathability enhancement.
In addition to plush comfort, the mattress topper may act as a protective layer against stains and dirt, helping to prolong the lifespan of your mattress. Besides, it is even suitable for those who are not ready to replace existing mattresses but wants more comfort in their sleep. With its versatile use and irresistible comfort, the mattress topper will have you anticipating your every rest.

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Size Super Single: L 107cm x H 190cm
Queen: L 153cm x H 190cm
King: L 183cm x H 190cm
Material Cotton Microfibre