HOOGA Moments

Make Room for Some Hygge

One way or another, all of us have experienced hygge-lic moments at some point in our life, like when we choose to have nights in than spending time outside or when we enjoy snuggling into a blanket while watching movies. These are some hygge moments that give you peace and space to savour the good things in life.

Here are some ways on how you can HOOGA up your space, so you may enjoy a life of simplicity where things are simpler, pace is gentler and sustaining it is much easier.

Declutter and create space for hygge

No matter how tidy you naturally are, things can pile up pretty quickly in your home and decluttering the entire space is a big job that feeds on time. But there is always a way if there is a will to spend on compartments! Adding some organisers will create designated spaces for everything in your home, from the earrings you occasionally wear to the perfume you put on everyday. With that, simply arrange things to its place, like separate valet trays for different watches or rings, and give away those you don’t even remember you have. Once you’re done, you’ll find yourself having more space to hygge around as it creates a calm, serene space that is cluster- and stress-free.

Start your day without a rush out of bed

It’s a great feeling to be able to start your day at your own pace. Like how weekend went from waking up feeling refresh after a good night’s sleep to feeling grateful after a well-spent day, we like to keep it that way even on week days. To have this is to be pampered by the comfort of your home at the end of any day as a full night’s sleep gets you ready for whatever adventure that might come as the snooze goes off. So, layer up your bed with soft sheets and crispy textures as its comfort will move you even at the earliest morning hours

Embrace the Golden Hour

Things went by around us with or without us to stop and enjoy it. After a long day working around the clock just to get things done, it is always a good idea to take a moment as you embrace the golden hour. Like a reward to yourself, enjoy the sunset with a good book, mellow music and calming scent as you cheer to another day and another list of things-to-do. You will realise that things get so much easier, knowing you have beautiful things that awaits you at the end of any day.

Indulge a good ol’ brunch

Beautiful things in life happens when you let it happen. Like how a meal is just a meal unless you be in the moment to enjoy the short break to the fullest by letting yourself get full of indulging food and good conversation instead of pressing thoughts. So, bring the food out, serve each dish in aesthetically pleasing tableware and be surrounded with good company over brunch that gets you more pleasure out of the day than just living.

Unwind with the joy of baking

Never underestimate the power of good food. Eating one might be a life-changing experience but making one is another wholesome story. Unbake your mind with some baking where every whip, every beat, every fluff will whisk away your stress of the day as you bake it till you make it. Not only that, the freshly baked goods will warm your heart and fill your stomach while its scent trail brings people to the heart of the home as they gather around for good food. Now, isn’t it a delicious way to unwind?